Weight loss vs mental health. Days 15-18.

Sorry I haven’t posted in 4 days. It’s been shit. I really haven’t tried these past 4 days. My anxiety was through the roof and I couldn’t control it. I didn’t really binge eat, but I really didn’t watch what I was eating either. I really don’t have an excuse. I’m really can’t use my…

Weight loss vs mental health. Day fourteen.

Today hit the two week mark. I’m still super disappointed in myself. Why? I know I could be doing better. I just don’t know why I can’t get fully motivated. Although, I do have a new reason to get more motivated so I’m hanging on to that. Again, have to sort some things out personally…

Weight loss vs mental health. Day thirteen.

Honestly, didn’t eat too much today. I was really sick to my stomach today. So I just laid around and drank water mostly. I have a lot of things to straighten out in my life. Big things. Which is stressing me out. However, I’m ready and I know I’ll be happier 🙂 ❤️

Weight loss vs mental health Days 11&12.

Sorry for the delay in the last two posts. I’ve been slacking the last 2 days. I’m doing better today so I’ll have a better update for you all later. ❤️

Weight loss vs mental health. Day 10.

Sorry again for the late post. Fell asleep early last night! Today wasn’t great. I fell off the bandwagon. Dunno why. Just had a lot of cravings I guess and caved. I mean I’m still down thankfully in weight. But I know if I don’t get right back on the bandwagon, it’ll come back on,…

Weight loss vs mental health. Day nine.

So, silly me forgot to weigh in today. I know I would’ve been down too. I’ve been doing so well. I’m really proud. However, I noticed I’m starting to lose my appetite a bit and I’m not eating as much. Not that I mind it really. I’m praying I’m down to the 6-7 pound mark…

Weight loss vs mental health. Day eight.

Today I’ve been really stressed. Not gonna lie. However I did stay on track . I was down a bit in weight too. I’m really proud so far and hope I can keep this up Slowly I’m beating this ❤️