Weight loss vs mental health. Day five.

So remember how I raved about that 2.5 pound weight loss yesterday??

Welll… I gained 2 of it back. Turns out why I didn’t feel good Thursday and woke up Friday feeling awful was because I was extremely dehydrated from sweating so much and being out in the heat all day.

So that 2.5 pounds I lost was water weight.


Usually this is the turning point where I’m like well, screw it. Apparently I’m meant to be this fat forever.

However, I didn’t let it happen like that this time.

I talked myself down reassuring myself it was okay and it’s no reason to just give up like that on myself.

Now with a busy day today, I wasn’t able to eat much and what I could eat really wasn’t the best, but I stayed as close as I could to my plan and really watched portions.

Plus, I was super active too. With running, biking and then swimming for about 3 hours.

I made sure I drank more water today and stayed cool. I felt okay and even though it was super hot, I didn’t get myself so sick or run around in the heat to constantly sweat and get ill.

To answer your question that I’m sure you have, yes- I could be doing better. However, I could be doing a whole lot worse as well.

I even turned down alcohol tonight which is a HUGE win for me.

I will eventually reach my goals. I know this isn’t going to be as fast as I want it to be. I can’t keep giving up on myself and get super depressed when things don’t go my way.

I CAN and WILL do this.

I really love all of your encouragement and push for me to keep going. It truly does help.

I will struggle at times…

Please continue with your words of encouragement it really does mean the world.



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  1. ashleyleia says:

    Yay for turning down the alcohol!

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  2. HI Nikki!! I just caught up & read your posts about your July series. I can’t wait to continue reading for the rest of the month. I rarely talk to people about it, but felt compelled to comment here, I struggled the past year with the meds issue + have been struggling with binge eating since childhood. And ESPECIALLY because of the meds, gained 40+ lbs over the past year (UGH)
    So I totally relate to everything you’re talking about!! But good news even with the water weight, you’re making changes to your habit & your mindset is shifting. You should be SO SO PROUD!

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